At White Oak we believe in Performance First culture.
Seasoned Team with Global Experience

A deep bench of seasoned investors with experience spanning multiple market cycles. Extensive global investing experience brings an insightful pattern recognition perspective to investing in India. Unique team-within-team structure where each company is jointly researched by two analysts.

Time Tested Investment Philosophy

Outsized returns are earned over time by investing in great businesses at attractive values. A great business is one that delivers superior returns on incremental capital, is scalable, and is well managed in execution and governance. Valuation framework predicated on economic cash flows rather than distorted accounting earnings.

Disciplined Research Process

Intensive fundamental research to assess business attributes, and valuation derived from proprietary OpcoFinco™ framework. Structured screening process to assess governance-DNA of a company as a starting point of the research process. Build a 360-degree perspective on any business through an extensive schedule of plant visits, meetings with company management, competitors, suppliers, customers and other trade participants.

Balanced Portfolio Construction

Ensure alpha generation is a function of stock selection through a balanced portfolio of companies. Invest in businesses and consciously avoid market timing, sector rotation or other such top down macro bets. Understand, monitor, and aim to contain residual factor risks that are by-product of stock selection.

Investment Culture
Team of local experts with
global experience
Strong culture of performance aligned
with client portfolio
Bottom up stock selection
based Philosophy
Buy great businesses at attractive values
invest in business, don't bet on macro
Balanced portfolio
Aim to avoid top down bets on macro factors
aim to ensure performance a function
of stock selection
Time tested Process
Disciplined fundamental research
Proprietary OpcoFinco analytical framework
honed over two decades

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